Gen-eID reads data from a Belgian Electronic ID card. You can choose to generate an XML file to import the data into other systems such as Access Control Systems, CRM systems… or inject it into the interface of applications that do not support XML imports.

Using Gen-eID in your data processes avoids misspelled names and double personnel records. It makes the eID image available for use in your application, so you don’t have to set up image enrollment yourself, which would consume time and resources.

eID 1.2.2

Most important changes to this version are:

  • Now works with multiple card readers, auto detects any reader connected to the host
  • Extra fields are now available to be used for export
    • Address: Street, ZIP, municipality, postal code
    • Date of birth, place of birth
    • Issue location
    • Unique INSZ number
  • Created a special ACS-UID field for synchronization with Access Control Systems
    • The ACS-UID is a unique number derived from the INSZ
  • License management

There is also a new injection example movie at the bottom of the page.