We are pleased to announce the CR-PRO Credential Provisioning – V2.0.2.0 GA Release which has the following improvements:


  • Auto-detection and configuration of the database settings when installed on the CCURE Server
  • Added Start menu shortcuts to easily launch the Password encryption and baretail log monitoring tools


  • Addition of a graphical client for easy configuration of the different software modules
  • Help snippets can be directly displayed that provide info on individual settings
  • Easily Start/Stop the service directly from the UI
  • Auto-preparation of import directories based on detected licenses
  • Support for UDF Fields for license plates


  • Added Baretail by default int the installation package for easy troubleshooting
  • Includes pre-configured journal monitoring colour scheme

Complete new licensing system:

  • Delivery of temporary licenses
  • Register online for your full license: no HostID required, can be done before installation on the customer site
  • Support for demo/evaluation licenses

And other technical improvements/optimizations.