What is it?

The GS2C suite consists of several software packages that work together as a single security data intelligence entity.

Its intention is to provide your Security Department with relevant security information that is aggregated from different systems.

Unified Consolidated Security information

Large organisations can have several different security systems deployed across their enterprise from different vendors. This makes it difficult to have a unified global view on unique entity security information. While a person might still be active and a valid employee according to HRi systems, they may have been flagged or removed from security systems for any reason that poses a threat to your organisation.

Verified security data and visual identification

GS2C can feed information services such as a corporate directories with information that is vetted by the security department and provides images respecting your global standard. No more cartoons or other inappropriate images in personnel profiles. GS2C can populate the images aggregated from the security channels into your corporate directory.

High End Encryption

GS2C uses double encryption mechanisms to safeguard your sensitive information between systems. The data itself is encrypted before transport and communications are tunnelled through encrypted connections. These are managed by your own enterprise certificates, offering total control over your encryption.

On-prem solution

The server is hosted on-premises, giving you total control over the storage location of the data and the transport between all services.

User AD Integration

User access to the web interface is linked to Active Directory. Users require a valid domain account to be able to access the service. Added to that, they need to be part of an AD group to be able to make use of the web service.

Data Aggregation

The aggregated information from the GS2C platform can be consulted and used depending on the modules you choose to deploy such as the Web Service or a File Server.

1 Your local server MAY import PERSONNEL RECORDS from an external HRi source (UID between systems must be the same)

EXPIRED status is synced globally (Personnel record, Credential records)

– Any other personnel statuses ENABLE the Personnel Record

2 Your photos are taken from YOUR SECURITY SYSTEM. This can be any open non-proprietary system. The GS2C Export Service can have different modules for different systems.
3 The EXPORT SERVICE exposes the required data to the IMPORT SERVICE

Personnel STATUS can be synced as well for global consistency: people cannot access other locations.


– All data is synced to the master database
– The Import Service usually resides on the CORPORATE NETWORK

5 SECURITY INFORMATION including PHOTOS can be stored on a dedicated file server. This provides your organization with VERIFIED and CONTROLLED data.
7 MULTIPLE SITES can be connected to the same CENTRALISED IMPORT SERVICE. All records require a COMMON UNIQUE ID across all system such as an Employee Number.

Screenshots from the Guard Web App


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