Clearance Watchdog for C•CURE 9000

A service that will automatically remove unused clearances from Personnel records. This is also known as use-it-or-lose-it, applied to C•CURE 9000 Clearances.

Key features

  • Automatically remove unused clearances from personnel

  • No operator interaction required

  • Specify the applicable thresholds per clearance / personnel type combination

  • Keeps a separate audit log of clearance removals

  • Service continuity : send technical e-mail notifications to system managers


Whether due to a wrong clearance request, human programming error, or having copied clearances from another personnel profile when in doubt, there are many causes that lead to a person obtaining a clearance they should not (or no longer) have. Monitoring unused clearances is a must to keep your access control system clean.

Threshold specification

Specify the applicable thresholds in number of unused days before removing a clearance assignment from a person. You can do this per Clearance/Personnel Type combination.

Example configuration:


The Clearance Watchdog is a Windows Service that will sync with the C•CURE 9000 database on a specified schedule. Keeping track of clearance usage on a personal level, it can easily detect clearances that are not used by an individual and have them removed from their profile.


  • Please check out the extended Product Brief that contains detailed use cases.

  • Download the datasheet Clearance Watchdog Datasheet.

  • You can download the installation package from our software download page. The package contains the server and client installers as well as the integrator manual, release notes, compatibility matrix, and datasheet.

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