Software Downloads

Below is a list of Software Packages that are available for download. Not all our software is available here for download. Some tools are only available upon specific request, or are only installed by our engineers. These are not listed below.

# Software Name version zip
1 CR-PRO Credential Provisioning V2 download
2 WorkForce Notifier for C•CURE 9000 download
3 WorkForce ACS Privacy Guard for C•CURE9000 1.21.356.0 download
4 new Paessler PRTG Server integration for C•CURE 9000 download
5 Clearance Watchdog for C•CURE 9000 download
6 Texecom Premier Elite for C•CURE 9000 download
7 eID Plugin for C•CURE 9000 – for UAE 1.0.3 download
8 eID Plugin for C•CURE 9000 – for Belgium download
9 MapsVector Exporter for C•CURE 9000 1.0.0 download
10 UTC Master Plugin for C•CURE 9000 download

Registration and Demo licenses

To register your purchased software, or request a demo license, go to the Software Registration Page.

Test Apps

# Software Name version zip
1 Date Time Format Test Application 1.0.1 download
2 EIDA Test App x86-x64 1 download