• For the latest C•CURE9000© integration of the eID go here: CCURE9000 eID Plugin
  • For the generic app for the eID that generates XML files, read on below

Gen-eID  reads data from a Belgian Electronic ID card. You can choose to generate an XML file to import the data into other systems, or inject it into the interface of applications that do not support XML imports.Using Gen-eID in your data processes avoids misspelled names and double personnel records. It makes the eID image available for use in your application, so you don’t have to set up image enrollment yourself, which would consume time and resources.

Gen-eID Data Flow electronische id belgie eidNew Version 1.2.2

Version 1.2.2 has been released on September 14th. It includes licensing of the application, and all available fields.

User Manuals – Guides

See how Gen-eID works

Gen-eID with CCURE9000 Integration (example from previous version with less data fields available, but the CCURE import functionality remains the same)


Gen-eID PassagePoint Integration


Gen-eID Application Injection Example