Vanderbilt SPC driver for C•CURE 9000

Key features

  • Monitor and control Vanderbilt SPC panels

  • Get real time status updates for Panels, Areas and Zones

  • Trigger C•CURE Events based on different component states (alarm, tamper, etc.)

  • Supports 256 bit AES Encrypted communications between server and panels

  • Synchronization of the panel: Automatically create Areas and Zones and store properties

  • Synchronize Date/Time from the server

  • Arm/Disarm Areas (all at once from the panel, or control individual areas)

  • Remote control the following zone options: Inhibit / Uninhibit, Isolate / Unisolate

  • Supports multiple panels


Integrate your Vanderbilt SPC intrusion panels with C•CURE 9000 to enhance site monitoring by visualizing Panel, Area, and Zone states.

Manually control components, such as arming or disarming areas, (un)inhibiting or (un)isolating zones.

Trigger Events based on alarm conditions, providing greater control and flexibility over alarm response procedures.



System Requirements

Supported Server OS (including client)

  • Windows Server 2022 Standard & Enterprise, 64-bit, minimum version 21H2
  • Windows Server 2019 Standard & Enterprise, 64-bit
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard & Enterprise, 64-bit, SP1 or higher

Supported Client OS

  • Windows 11 Professional & Enterprise, 64-bit, minimum version 21H2
  • Windows 10 Professional & Enterprise, 64-bit, minimum version 1809

Supported Hardware

Vanderbilt SPC Panels with an onboard IO connection and firmware 3.8.5 or later, from the following series:

  • 4000, 4200, 4300
  • 5200, 5300
  • 6300


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