Master Classic integration into C•CURE9000

The ATS Master Classic Plugin for C•CURE9000 will enable you to receive status updates and alarms from the Master Classic panels and a subset of its components. It uses the ATS Communication Engine for communication to the Advisor MASTER Control Panels (ATS 4000/3000/2000) and the attached peripheral devices (DGP’s, RAS’es etc). The panels have to be equipped with an 1806 ethernet module.

Panel Programming

The panel programming is done through the Titan software. This ensures compatibility and coherent programming.


Add the panel to your C•CURE9000 server and performing a synchronization. The driver will then automatically create all connected and supported peripherals.


Receive intrusion alarms, technical alarms, supervision alarms. All visible inside the monitoring workstation. Link them through triggers and tap into the power of the C•CURE9000 Event Management Framework.

Remote Control

Perform commands such as arming/disarming areas. (un)inhibit zones, clear alarms, update panel date/time with the server time etc.

Panel Audit Log

Panel events are stored to the C•CURE journal for consultation.

Wordlist support

The driver supports the use of the Master Wordlists:

  • The driver creates the component names automatically from the wordlist
  • Custom words supported as well
  • Create your own translations through language resource files