enCode Labs is a software development, software engineering and consulting company.

The company was founded in early 2015 and builds on my 25+ years of IT experience on a wide variety of systems, and almost 20 years of experience in the security market.

I have worked for a lot of different customers in different vertical market segments from multinational tech companies to the petro-chemical market. From pharmaceutical and industrial companies to leisure segments such as casinos.

What enCode Labs does

  • create software solutions for the security market
  • automation of operational tools for security and EHS
  • software integration of security platforms through SDK development
  • offer assistance in the integration of your business processes into your security platform

What does this mean for you as a customer?

  • automate time-consuming tasks and reduce operational costs
  • complete your security system and finetune its implementation
  • use your available resources more efficiently through the provision of simple tools
  • dramatically decrease development costs in projects through making use of our extensive experience

What makes enCode Labs a strong partner?

IT and Security are impossible to separate from each other these days. The larger your organisation is, the more you understand and live this truth. But it is not easy to learn the how and why of operational security management to IT people who manage your servers and business processes. It is equally hard to teach security engineers to engineer and develop solutions that interact with highly complex IT systems.

By combining these unique experiences I can help to create and fine tune operational security processes while working with your security department to respect internal security procedures and guidelines, and working with your IT department on getting your solutions implemented.

But most of all, I am driven by an extremely strong passion in what I do. If there is a way to make something work, I will find it and implement it.


For any inquiries, feel free to contact enCode Labs.



Stefaan Cornelis / founder